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your brand, on screen

*spark screenrunner runs screens. It's an app coupled with a design service to create beautiful, dynamic visual worlds that run all day at your event, hitting the cues you need, or that run forever while staying current with social media and other live sources.

Choosing screenrunner can scale from a license for the stage manager's laptop, to an appliance configured for permanent install, to a bespoke media operation for your event featuring data journalists, live photographers and more. Get in touch 

A quick tour

Brand video, live

screenrunner output, here a dynamic montage of imagery and messaging

You can think of screenrunner as a brand video with puppet strings. The app allows a stage manager to title who is on stage, allows communications to curate social media, allows photographers to take a photo on the show floor and it appear straight on screen. The design service creates a seamless visual world for the content that responds to live direction, re-creating style guides or brand videos as live animation templates.

For a MADE-BY annual event, pictured, it transformed their three minute brand video into the whole day’s output, remixing the elements of that video with a range of media prepared for the event alongside tweets and photos coming live from the floor. MADE-BY’s staff were in control, setting ‘now and next’ titles and creating a composition of media appropriate for that moment of the event.

Data visualisation, live

screenrunner output, here a live visualisation of conversation around the event

Brand videos are just the beginning though. How might you engage deeper or interact with an audience? As screenrunner is an application with features built-up over the demands of differing events, and an animation template created specially for each brand or event, anything is possible. Challenges requiring custom code are not just welcome, but the core of what has made screenrunner so powerful.

For an Accenture annual event, pictured, it visualised the activity of 900 consultant’s conversation in realtime, alongside the progress of each of them taking a portrait of each other and the graphic output of a data journalist and illustrator. Rather than brand video, the screen animated around a ‘tabletop set’ of the venue, with conversation turns appearing in speech bubbles above the spots they were happening in, conversation outcomes writing themselves on post-its, polaroid snaps piling up and illustrations taped down around.

No output too ambitious

a photo of screenrunner output, here lots of photos tiled around a large dome

Screenrunner has captured presenter's laptops, for seamless animated intros and outros around presenters' slides. It will not choke on high-res photos or super-sized output. Through Syphon it has been layered into audio-visual art, and projection-mapped into domes and onto churches.

For a Historic Royal Palaces event, pictured, it streamed a folder of professional photography into a 5x full HD panoramic canvas, that was then mapped around an Igloo 12m dome.