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Toby Harris creates teams, infrastructures and tools to transform live events. Commissions have crossed research, development, production and performance; invariably involve art, design and engineering flair; and often settle around a vision of digital liveness. Sometimes things get spun out as their own products, as below. Get in touch 

Toby Harris
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your brand, on screen

*spark screenrunner runs screens. It's an app coupled with a design service to create beautiful, dynamic visual worlds that run all day at your event, hitting the cues you need, or that run forever while staying current with social media and other live sources.

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diagram of *spark d-fuser crossfading two laptops


crossfading for laptops

The *spark d-fuser lets you crossfade between laptops. Whether switching between presenters or pushing avant-garde pixels, hands-on control for mixing DVI, VGA and HDMI signals is now available in a compact and affordable package.

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